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About Kate

I've always loved storytelling and been fascinated by cameras. I studied film at Penn State, wanting to work in movies. After graduation, I worked as a location coordinator for movies like The Dark Knight Rises and New Years Eve.

It was fun, but becoming a mom changed me. I became much more aware of the stories unfolding around me as I raised my kids. Suddenly, there were all these beautiful little moments that I wanted to hold onto forever. The chubby hands. The dimples. The little tiny toes. It's all so precious, but it goes too fast. And raising 4 kids, I felt like I'd forget these details that make up the most perfect parts of my life.

So I started taking photos. I wanted to preserve their little moments forever so I didn't forget. From the second I picked up my camera and started photographing them, I was hooked. I finally felt like I could walk away from this magic time with something tangible.

And that's what I want to do for you. I want to capture your family memories and turn them into concrete reminders of their childhood turning the ordinary, messy moments like playing in the rain into magical mementos for you to cherish for years to come. My goal when I pick up the camera for each session is to capture your children exactly how you want to remember them.